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Brown Sugar Saver saves more than just brown sugar. Made from terra cotta clay, it maintains moisture in baked goods, marshmallows, dried fruit,  sugar and sugar substitutes.  It can also be used to keep things dry like spices, chips, pretzels and crackers. 


To save moisture in foods : Soak your ceramic brown sugar saver in water for 15 minutes and pat dry. Tuck it in brown sugar or place in a container with baked goods, dried fruit or marshmallows. When kept in a sealed container, this will keep brown sugar soft for up to 3 months. When sugar begins to harden, re-soak, pat dry and use again.  


To maintain dryness & crispiness, do not soak, simply add to your desired food container. 



• Made in United States


Brown Sugar Saver - Sun

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